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Beauty faded but bond remains.....its loyalty.
Everytime I watch my parents grow old I find mysel...
Separated by tragedy
It comes a time in life when you just cannot compr...
Let's Get Squdy, It Is What It Is.
Have you watched the squid game? It’s a ...
And off it ren
The holidays are moments when the whole family mee...
Christmas things
Just like any other other child who always feels g...
In a world where doing great smart things count, does doing dumb ones help?
It has been a while since I did something very sm...
Christmas festivities
Close your eyes and picture all the fun that happe...
The curtain of secret 1
I was turning ten years and still I was blinded by...
The sermon
It was a blessed day in church, though for the fir...
Too beautiful to not have
A few years ago, I visited the Maasai Mara during ...
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