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My cravings for grandparents sweet love
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My cravings for grandparents sweet love
When December comes it brings all kind of happiness to people, to the grand children it's time to enjoy moments with grandparents back in the well known 'ushago'.

To me this has remained a dream and a thing that I never experienced. How I wish God gave me a chance to see them, stay with them, listen to their wise words and stories, feel their care to the little me and more so eat from my grandmother's pot which never run dry.

I always envy when my daughter cry to me whenever we go for these holidays, and she is all over her loving grandmother to ask me leave her behind and come for her later when school opens. Sometimes I feel like not giving the consent but when I remember how much I also needed that, I have no otherwise other than giving in.

Maybe you may not feel it because u had the chance to enjoy their presence but wait until u deny your children the chance to enjoy a stay with their grandparents and through out their life, you will be the one to blame.

May my grandparents rest in eternal peace.
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