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Be Warned! What You Have Could Be All You Want.
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Be Warned! What You Have Could Be All You Want.
If you thought everything you are hunting is worth chasing, then think again. If you thought gaining lots of wealth warrants your happiness, you need to rethink.

Often, everything we want is within our grip, but we are too blind to notice since we enjoy the thrill of chasing, hunting, and craving for more.

“The grass is greener on the other side.” it could be true or not, but how you choose to see the grass is up to you, and at any rate, this is wrong.

We should recognize and honor, and maybe evaluate or upgrade some things which could be irreplaceable.

For instance, we can never replace health, but we can only take care of it.
We can never replace our parents. What of our babies? Can you imagine replacing your kids? Now picture yourself toothless or full of scars because you harm yourself. What of tranquility? Knowing your loved ones have changed positions and turned into enemies, will you be in harmony?

Let’s learn from babies, cheerful and never resentful.

My 18 months baby has schooled me to live just for now, as much as I hope and plan for the future.

That I should enjoy the company of the surrounding people, knowing so well all I have is now. Her joyful laughter has trained me never to bank my hopes in things that aren’t within my space and instead create joy in the little I have.

It’s clear most of us, if not all, hunt for more wealth and power to keep up with our social status.

Chasing for girls, sometimes even hunting for boys, has become our norm, thinking our happiness depends on material things.

Some chase girls, yet they have wives waiting at home. Some chase boys for the thrill of just chasing. Others abandon families and build another. Forgetting the kids depends on them.

Some even dare to forget their parents, forgetting they are growing old and need their spiritual, financial, and physical support. Unfortunately, this group of legends only comes back to their senses once the parents are dead and gone, and the only thing left is memories.

In a real sense, what you think you become. We only end up feeling empty, discouraged, and more confused, especially when what we’ve been chasing keeps darting and changing the goal post. When we hit rock bottom, that’s when we realize we had everything from the onset, but we were so blind to notice.

Too blind even in our judgmental and thinking capacity.

We need to change our mindset and start valuing what we already have least we regret in the future.

It’s time we appreciate what we have because we attract bigger and better ones by. We should evaluate things and see what’s urgent, what deserves our attention, and what doesn’t.
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