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Was it courage or just plain stupidity
Growing up one of the main things all children wan...
How income affects on lifestyle
Have you ever tried to imagine the feeling of havi...
Could We Be Sleep Walking Into Our Graves
Did you know 9 out of ten people you meet are goin...
Why are vitamin and nutritional deficiencies more common in geriatrics
Old age is a great deal, it comes with its respect...
Outdoor refocus
Nairobi is referred to as a concrete jungle just f...
Biggest mistakes when buying a mattress
A mattress is a form, of soft, resistant material ...
How the sun can damage hair and how to protect it
The sun produces UV rays that can damage the out c...
Avarice and Greed.
Surely a beautiful woman with no brains, her priva...
Self-management and Self-awareness
self-awareness is the ability to identify our own ...
Slender guy problems
Someone once said insanity is doing the same thing...
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