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We Deliver parcels,pay bills,pay your monthly returns and many more at a fair price...We are in Nair...
Image Will you help us stamp out cancer?
Will you please help us cure this cruel disease?

We are thrilled to announce...
Image Electronic and electrical products
I sell electronic products at a cheap & affordable price...
Image Landscaping and garden designs
Yvoka's services we do landscaping,exterior designs,garden maintenances,all types of grasses an...
Image Vegetables rack
Vegetable's/ fruits rack available in both green blue and pink color @ 3500
For order Wh...
Image Little Kings & Queens Kids Entertainment
We offer different games for kids including swimming, bouncing castles, horse riding , camel riding,...
Image Parte after parte at your own comfort comes with a wine with a classy glass
A set of 6pcs wine glasses with a Stand @ 3500...
Image When you are a Vegan Mama Mboga is cooler than the Slay Queen
For a guy who cooks for himself and apparently has no company at home, I find myself hanging out at ...
Image Data entry
Ready for online data entry in any company....? Holla me JymohRuggz I do clean and perfect entry....
Image Portable laptop stand
Classy and unique flexible laptop stand....
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