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Why sleeping is critical for your immune system
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Why sleeping is critical for your immune system
Sleep is an essential function of the body. Sleep allows the body to rejuvenate leaving it refreshed and recharged when we wake up. Without adequate sleep, the brain cannot function effectively.
When sleep is deprived of the body majority of the functions are affected. This forces the body to work harder to compensate for the functions that are straining. Therefore what are the effects of sleep on the body
1# Sleep improves the brain function
When a person sleeps the brain gets a chance to rebuild. This, therefore, improves one's ability to remember and recall many factors. The brain can store adequate information when properly tested making the brain function at its optimum.
2# improves immune response
When an individual has adequate sleep. patterns the body can fight infections better. As the body rest, it can ensure optimum functioning. This allows all parts of the body to have a chance to regain their ability thus having a chance to fight upcoming infections.
3#Helps control blood sugar
Scientists have claimed that the body can regulate blood sugars through sleep. According to them when we sleep the amount of blood sugar in our body drops. This takes place during the deep part of the sleep cycle. This, therefore, allows the body to rest and save glucose for use when necessary.
Although sleep plays a major role in the development of proper body function it can also be a hindrance when one oversleeps. Too much sleep can lead to medical problems. It may also reduce some body functions.
Remember sleep is a necessary evil for the development of the body but it's important to note too much something can be poisonous. All things in moderation can build an effective system.
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