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Ways of Maintaining Good Health During Covid-19
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Ways of Maintaining Good Health During Covid-19
With the uncertainty in our minds of what is right and what is wrong, one thing that we have to keep at par with is our health.

Health does not generally mean sick or admitted in hospital, there are different types of health.

# Mental health.
# Physical health.
# social health.
All of the above go hand in hand but today, let us focus on physical health which entails the general functionality of the whole body.

Some of the ways to keep your physical health high and effective is by:

# Exercise your body by maybe doing yoga or going to the gym.

# eating balanced diet foods.

# Having enough sleep.

# flashing off unnecessary thoughts that may lead to stress or depression.

# Eat fruits on daily bases

# Stay hydrated.

The last one and the most important one is, loving yourself enough and knowing that there is only one you in the universe and you are the only limit to yourself.
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