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The Rise Of The Highest Bidder
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The Rise Of The Highest Bidder
A long long time ago before we got here, there used to be our ancestors. Their age was of hunting and gathering and who knows what their ancestors were, perhaps they were immobile organisms. That for another piece.

If they were to read about this future, they might stumble upon June's journal about the rise of the highest bidder.

It goes like this.

Today is the 211th day of the year 2021 and am still giving shots to online dating, my inbox is full of flirty texts from all types of persons, there's no one way to find out who I should hook up with, I have to do coffee with a few of them and am literally forced to pick the highest bidders as it would take years to meet each of them.

I have decided to pick the ones who have stated out what they are offering, it is purely chancing as am certain I might have left the right person out, maybe all he or she had chat was a simple "hi" but they are over 200 "hi(s)". It's just too bad for them, this unfortunately is the age of the highest bidder there's no time to figure out the rest.

The bidding goes on.
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