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A day in the soul of love in this month of lovers. Valentines times.
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A day in the soul of love in this month of lovers. Valentines times.
In this ageing year, it's another month of love, it is another time where lovers have a chance to express love among themselves and the lucky ones extend their hand of gratitude to many more while we watch, we singles. I mean me and you who love never favoured us or maybe we never want to try it because of being so naive. But how can you have experience without trying? Food for thought.

However, we have to stay calm and watch things refold with a lot of appreciation and have a chance maybe to take short notes on how to start, make it work, maintain and also how to treat your valentine during valentine day as a good proof of love.

This is the time people take vacations to different places, let us call them "in the soul of love", where they enjoy being in love, sharing sweet messages, having sad and happy memories reviewed, taking memorable photos to show later, making vows of faithfulness and making love together, which ends in tears. Which the two of you determines the kind of tears you shed.

Although I am single and happy, I can say and confess being in love is a good feeling, it makes you know yourself better, enjoy life with another person whom we really don't know their intentions for the future nor their intentions with our love life. To some extent our choices always determines our future. How can we get to know the right person to not make a mistake of life? For as much as I believe there is no great mistake in the universe than to make a life long wrong decision of taking the wrong life partner. Definitely if not immediately, be assured of dying of depression sorry to say.

Finally let me wish everyone, sorry, the lovers a happy month of love, enjoy, spend outings together, explore more, get to know each other better if not best and don't forget to make lovely memories that even if the mind forgets later in future, the memory of the heart that never fades will never forget.

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