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Med Health: Blood Pressure
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Med Health: Blood Pressure
After interaction with hypertensive patients, I thought it would be nice if we just created awareness on the same.

Hypertension is a cardiovascular disease related to elevated blood pressure against the arterial walls which eventually causes heart diseases.

Some risk factors of hypertension may be:
? Use of tobacco, that is, smoking.
? Age, where the old are at the greatest risk.
? Being physically unfit and dormant in doing exercises.
? Alcohol use.
? Consumption of too much salt.
? Obesity. Etc
Although blood pressure is common in adult it also affect children caused by problems with the kidneys or the heart. Poor lifestyle like unhealthy diet, obesity and lack of exercise may also be a contributing factors.

High blood pressure may lead to complications in other body systems like:
? Stroke due to rupture of brain capillaries.
? Heart failure secondary to myocardial fatigue.
? Renal failure due to damage of the glomerulus in the kidney.
? Aneurysms in the blood vessels which can be life threatening.

Let us all help fight hypertension by adopting a healthy life style in diet and regular exercises as they help reduce its incidences.
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