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Loss to a child
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Loss to a child
We all face loss at some point in our lives. But one thing is clear we all face loss differently. Due to our personality differences, we get to face loss from different perspectives. Some of us may feel that the loss of our loved one is betrayal, while others feel it is an act of nature. Both individuals face loss and grieve differently but one group takes loss harder than all. Children face confusion and fear when associated with the loss.
Loss involves the death of a loved one. Death is according to children can be analyzed as a rejection by a loved one. By loss, children are often communicated through euphemism rather than clear communication. Most times children are assumed to lack understanding of death and therefore given different ideas of how death is an advancement of life. But unfortunately, one thing is clear. children are far more understanding than we gave them credit for.
Statements such as "mum went to be with God", God loved her more than us", she went to live with the lord", create a form of resentment towards God who took away a loved one. Although we trust and believe we're protecting our children majority of children tend to plan a reunion with a loved one which may lead to dangerous situations.
Loss is hard on everyone and we all face great challenges accepting it. This is not only associated with grown-ups. Children face untold worries. They feel abandoned and unable to process the loss but mainly as a result of lack of clarity. Although children lack the same understanding as adults but face the sense of loss equally as adults.
The only solution to accepting loss is outlining loss to children without the use of euphemism. Create an appreciation of life and death rather than hate. The use of God as a protector rather than a taker allows a child to view life after death as a destination. Death can be explained to children when we choose to speak truths and honor existing memories our children carry of our loved ones within the explanation of why they are no longer part of our life. Take a moment and trust the children are capable of understanding a lot just not in the same manner as adults.
Heaven is the prime destination of every religious individual. It is therefore please allow the children to face loss as a loss rather than an experience in which they are robbed. Face grief as a true link of loss rather than a person been taken away.
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