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It's flu season
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It's finally the season of flu and coughs. One of the highest numbers of flu takes place around June and July. These months fall without the winter seasons. As we approach winter one thing is common unexpected cold seasons and flu outbreaks. The biggest victims are often children due to their interaction in school. As we face the flu season, this year has been more challenging than most due to the reduced measures that people had established in 2020-2021. The use of masks and sanitizers had helped prevent the spread of colds such as flu.
This does not mean the flu is worse than before only simply it's more opportunistic. As we face the flu season their different ways in which we can treat and prevent the spread of the flu and cold.
#1 The use of sanitizers
One major lesson we learned from the vigilant use of sanitizer is that the destruction of germs supported the healthy development of all. It is, therefore, necessary to continue with the culture to protect oneself.
#2 integrate fruits into your diet.
The presence of fruits helps ok n the provision of vitamin c that helps build immunity allowing the body to self-treat and fight infections.
#3. Maintain a clean environment.
It is necessary to ensure cleanliness by keeping frequently-touched surfaces clean at home, school, and work. The flu virus can live for up to 48 hours on surfaces, so be aware of germs when you’re touching surfaces in public.
Remember: Prevention is better than cure. Take your time protecting yourself, saving yourself the effort of treating.
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