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Fall Of The Wall
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Fall Of The Wall
A wall, that visible or invisible thing standing between one and the other side.

I recently had a dream where some single eyed huge Rhino like beasts did a chase on me, I kept running, they kept coming. Every time I checked, we seemed to always be the same distance apart until there was a wall ahead. A high wall I had to climb to live, I was boxed in, either the wall was to save me or not. I decided to choose the latter, doubled up the speed up and down the wall. The next back look I took, the wall had fallen on the beasts, there was nothing coming.

That is how dreams are, everything is not real, you see strange things and you climb vertical walls as easy, it's like an experience of perception and things can be very tense or super fun.

As long as you can tell you're dreaming, feel free to turn on them beasts and slay them down, it seems to me whatever you decide to do in there, it is your world and in there you're the god. I wish I could tell you the same about planet Earth, the stuff you face here are real, no way you are going to go head on with a Rhino and come through in one happy piece you need a better strategy than that or is dying too waking up from a dream then realizing none of it was a big deal anyway?

I do not know.
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