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COVID reinfection
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COVID reinfection
Covid 19 diagnosis has become one of the most dreaded diagnoses around the world. The pandemic made the whole world dread the impact and fatality of life. As we face the new challenges around dealing with the COVID age one thing has been clear. The diagnosis is often considered a death sentence. When covid began much thought it was propaganda and only cause of exaggeration but as the world got affected many took the disease seriously and began to self-protect.
Although the protection existed a large number of people got covid and managed to treat it. The treatment of providing although possible seemed like a miracle during the beginning of the pandemic. Many who got covid and survived felt lucky to have gained a second chance because many lost their lives. in all these nightmares the biggest nightmare is the infection.
Although those who get covid tend to have a preexisting immunity against the covid virus it is possible to get reinfected. How do reinfections happen? This happens because of the changing nature of the covid virus. It becomes more infectious as time goes by making the covid virus a mutating virus. latest mutation has been a cause of concern due to the changes in symptoms and the ease with which the virus is infected.
When the virus appeared it was lethal and we lacked adequate knowledge on its prevention and control. But as the world developed ways to treat it the virus reinfections also happened. Although many were shocked by the infection one thing was known. Those who had previous bouts of covid faired better than new infections. This was because of existing antibodies.
It is important to note that even if you have had covid it is still necessary to take precautions to avoid infection.
Remember precaution is better than cure.
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