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Words along the greens
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Words along the greens
As I was taking my usual walks in the coffee fields, I overheard a conversation of several old men who were talking in a sorrowful tone, painful or for a better word, depressed tone.

I really wanted to hear what they were really talking about but I could not hear every word they said. But I heard this statement which was the only I heard though I needed some explanation. This what he said.
"Marriage is the hardest institution to succeed, and that is why its certificates comes first before the exam its self."

I could not comprehend what really was his meaning but I felt it hit deep in me. I was undergoing some relationship issues and was planning to end up things as it was becoming unbearable. As usual I swallowed those words and moved on. Coincidentally I met with one of those wise men in the village who we believed knew and understood absolutely everything. Though I was depressed, he seemed stressed by something.

"My son, if one day it dawns at you and realise that the way you are headed to leads you nowhere, it's always wise to try another way without forgetting that self respect is should always come first your feelings." He said and left.

Since I did not understand why all this was happening and why I was being told all these, I just kept it in mind.

After two weeks of deep meditation and great thoughts, I decided to breakup with her and move on, stay alone and think right about my life, that's when I now understood the meaning of the old man's words and why I should always change the way whenever I feel on the wrong track.

Never fear change, that step that you always fear to take it maybe the one to change everything.
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