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What is all about narcissism and its abuse.
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What is all about narcissism and its abuse.
It's been 21 years now since I was born. I was born so different from my siblings, we grew up having some differences that I really never understood what exactly about them. Though being born by the same mother, brought up equally in love in well distribution of everything she got, I still felt I was a bit special from others and I needed some special treatment.

After my highschool education I joined a medical school where I took a bachelor in psychiatry, not knowing I was also a psychiatric patient somehow. After an year of studying and understanding whatever I was doing, I decided to diagnose my problem.

Using a criteria in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) for diagnosing mental conditions , I understood I had several characteristics like:

??Having an exaggerated sense of self-importance where I insist on having the best, that is, medical care, clothes, shoes and much more.

??Expecting to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant the recognition. And incase of not being treated as such, I become angry.

??Exaggerating your achievements and talents so that everyone can notice my presence.

??Being preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate

??Believing that am are superior and can only be understood by or associate with equally special people, that is people in my scope of medicine sorry to say.

??Requiring constant admiration.

??Having a sense of entitlement.

??Expecting special favors and unquestioning compliance with my expectations.

??Taking advantage of others to get what I want as I believe to be superior and should be treated as one.

??Having an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others even the person I love.

??Being envious of others and believing others envies me.

After understanding all that I came up with a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder(NPD).

Many people never understand the meaning of this and the many ways in which we can abuse this condition unknowingly as I always did.

NPD is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this whole mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism. And it's in that, that these patients start feeling as if no one recognises them and may end up even having the suicidal thoughts.

Grandiose being the major characteristic, or else, all these characteristics being categorized under grandiosity, therefore we can say many people with this disorder, abuse it in the name of feeling superior than all others around them.

Fortunately, with psychotherapy we can all heal from these narcissism.
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