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The spotlight
I was thinking about direction and speed. The difference between these two left me puzzled, not only because I didn't understand their impact in human life but also I never knew their deeper meaning in determining someone's life in a matter of days.

After a deep consultation with myself I concluded there are three types of people.
1) Who move with the right speed to the right direction.
2)Those who move with the right speed to the wrong direction.
3)The largest population, the current generation which is moving so fast, that is, the wrong speed to the wrong direction
The latter one covers about 60% of the total population in kenya among the youths, who have the innards to go for a loan, buy a Toyota Subaru just to entice his fellows only to end up being killed by depression as he just concentrated on the speed but was never conscious of the direction.

Unnecessary competition among the young people is the leading factor contributing to their premature deaths now and then. For what benefit does it have in someone's life to "move" so fast to the wrong direction finally in six feet deep?

How I wish every single person could believe in destiny, focus on their future, observe on their speed, have the right compass, and trust God's process to success. Stop the superfluous competitions by apprehending that everyone has his or her own speedometer.
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