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The rebirth. Drums will always change the beats.
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The rebirth. Drums will always change the beats.
Tomorrow is what we do not know. Sure, tomorrow is another day that we really can not predict what it may bring with it.

As we celebrate Easter, as we enjoy the resurrection of the saviour, for me I call it reincarnation of my life, or maybe our lives as a family.

Contention with indigence could explain better my mother's situation as we were growing up in the village but mostly in her mouth, the second wife of my dad. This happened after my biological mother suffered from temporary dementia and dad was all over searching for a fine girl who could fit his likes, fortunately or unfortunately he got one. Luckily to him, a Caucasian. Don't ask me how or where, I just say a white person at home of which I was to call mum. Anyway story of another day.

Having had 10 children and bringing them up at once it was really not a joke. After she was neglected by her husband she had to struggle alone, find food for us, school fees, clothes and much more to sustain us daily.

Life got harder and harder, praying became the routine. For what else solution were we left with other than to call onto the almighty atleast to give us mercy if not hope. For hope is for people with no mercy.

As little we were, helpless and hopeless, I believed in one thing. That finally the drums would change the beats.
If not today or tomorrow but soon.

If only time and space allowed, it is a long story. Maybe a story for a whole day. But it's now to the past.
Gratitudes to her, my mother, an icon of inspiration, an iron lady who knows how to not lose hope, who believes that tomorrow rises fresh very different from yesterday.

For sure it is a rebirth, that from ashes beautiful roses sprouted. All they "the caucasian and her husband" can say is,
"Truly this is a blessed generation"
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