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Local Discotheque AKA Disco Vumbi.

Imagine the exquisite experience anyone my age or older in my village had hopping from one local discotheque to the other every other weekend. It was cool and exhilarating. Every day was the best day ever.

My village was decorated, dotted, punctuated and sprinkled with the dozens of a discotheque in every direction, while blasting local music was the order of the day.

However, that created a grand experience that has played a significant part in making our today's memory exciting.

Sadly, my family was uptight, and we could visit none of the joints.

In addition, my mother did not allow us to even dance to the rhythm.
It was a tough moment for us kids; it was even worse for my immediate baby sister, who would dance to the organized noise as she sings along.

To date, I wonder how she knew the lyrics word to word, considering most of those songs were in a language we didn't know.

Oops, you are right. Yours truly here was the dimwit, wired differently.

Am always different to date. In that, my mother won hands down, for all I could hear was pure blasting and organized noise.

My other sisters were in between. Everything seemed fine to them until the sleeping time comes then it becomes noise.

Funny thing, our curiosity drove us to visit some of those joints. And guess what, my baby sister, remember that one who would dance to virtually all songs, beats and anything hit? yes that one became a member. How she did it is a mystery.


Three decades later, things have changed. One, my siblings and I are now adults and each one of us can make informed decisions.

Two, the ambiance in my village has vehemently changed.

The discotheques are dead. The few in place have lost luster because of modernization.

However, my immediate baby sister and I are still worlds a part and discordant. You guessed right, am a zombie for songs.

The others are still on the fence. Can sing and dance to almost every song but catch them dead visiting a disco for relaxation.

And my mum remains the same. Too bad age gives us an advantage of doing some things our parents frown upon.

Funny thing, I still get to hear the music from the discotheque. The noises don't feel the same. Modernization has eroded the exciting details that used to be.

The Kilifi county government has tremendously fought those joints in their quest to finish early teenagers' pregnancies in the county.

Then came Covid 19, the curfew and the social distance killed the practice.

The young generation will miss out big deal on such experiences. Its nostalgic.

I wish the youngsters had the chance to experience the rich culture that is gradually being scraped out.
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