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The end will justify the means and the course
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The end will justify the means and the course
Were it not for the good personality, kindness and my ever smiling approach to everyone I met, maybe things could have been a bit better if not fully.

I have lived a life where I met every kind of person, welcomed him or her in it and we peddled my boat together without realizing that upon subsidising they always left me alone. They never cared, they forget all the goods I have done for them and nothing could have motivated them to support my downfall.

Fake friends have been the order of the day who just thinks on how to streamline their lives for better manoeuvring and forget that I was with them as their supporting pillar and also an icon of inspiration when they needed me most.

I have done things that I thought could not be feasible, even without interest I could see myself do unethical deeds just to make my circle happy. I was ever unupdated to whatever was happening since I spent a lot of time trying to capture the attention of the people who I thought would be with me even to my grave, only that I forgot that even the law of compensation and the rule of life doesn't compromise with foolishness. Sorry to say.

To love I have loved and lost, to cherish I have cherished and became disappointed, I have given several respect but received disrespect in return and the best of all, I have trusted but slapped back with mistrust on my face.

Yah! My whole life has been a living hell, where I know not about happiness, smile and laughter. Only pain and tears have always been with me in every step of the way, not to forget the unending love of my pillow which carries all my sorrow.

However, I can't allow other people's bad deeds and personalities change mine. Only that I hope that tomorrow will be appealing to my eyes and the end will justify the means.
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