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The Election Fever -Voters On The Move
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The Election Fever -Voters On The Move
In a few hours, Kenyans will be exercising their democratic rights by voting for leaders they deem perfect. Yet, a section of the shella residents in Malindi Kilifi County is still in limbo, not knowing whether to vote or not.

According to some residents interviewed for this article, most of the residents in shella ward, especially the Swahili community, do not see the need to participate in the voting exercise since they feel sidelined in the delivery of services.

The Swahili community is known for traveling to Lamu and other places to vote for their own during the election period.

Speaking during an interview on the same, Ustadh Ali Shehe, a resident in Shella ward, says the majority travels to vote for their kins.

He, however, noted some are just paid to go and participate in the exercise.

He is now pleading with the community to have a change of heart to change the awful pattern, which he terms as lethal and a selfish motive.
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