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How a presidential rerun may affect you
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How a presidential rerun may affect you
After a long period of hardships, struggles and a bad reign of the outgoing for some we can feel the relief but to some it is the worst feeling ever as it means cessation of favours, termination of employment and maybe going home not to appear again in the screens. However, to those who remained loyal it's their time to shine and to enjoy the sweetness of their sacrifices.

Have you ever thought about the real effects of a presidential rerun other than lining up in the sun to cast the votes for a whole day?

Waste of time is one among the most critical effect in our daily living today?
No kenyan want his or her precious time wasted by these people who only care of their stomachs whereas the children of the common 'mwananchi' are sleeping hungry.

Glory be to that person who said that there is no danger exceeds that of sending a satiated person in the kitchen to cook for the hungry, which is the current political situation in our country now. A lot of political leaders who we poor common citizens sent in the 'kitchen', due to their satiation they only wanted a rerun so that they could continue squandering the little that is left in the store leaving kenyans to die in hunger and inflation to send us to grave.

Inter community wars and conflict is another effect of this what we only think it's a simple task.
Why can't we as the country people learn to accept defeat and to appreciate the winners for the betterment of our little precious country to avoid loss of life, loss of homes, separation with our beloved family members and also lifetime disabilities as we fight our fellow hungry brothers and sisters out here as our cooks lock themselves in the kitchen.

Finally as I finish I have a word to tell those who we casted votes for.
Please our excellencies, mind the lives of the common mwananchi here and as you cook for us, stop a lot 'tasting' otherwise we shall end up sleeping hungry.
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