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The curtain of secret 1
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The curtain of secret 1
I was turning ten years and still I was blinded by the fact that we were living a normal life, with everything I desired, with all the requirements being provided and most importantly I was in school having not known any hardships as we were both financially and I was spiritually stable, not to say for my mother as since I was five I never saw her attend the mass as it was our norm.

Days alternatively I could have my mother bid me goodbye with a claim that my many different uncles were taking her out to go see their families of which I never understood why couldn't they bring their families instead. Anyway, who am I to question her as long as she gave me everything I needed, I had no right to question.

Days passed and years lapsed and I was almost eighteen ready to do my final exam. I was lucky to study in a catholic sister's school as they provided all kinds of happiness we required more so some of us who lived as if we had no parents, sorry to say. My mother was so committed to her 'outings' that she noticed nothing in my life, she did you care about my personal life but I had that one auntie who always listened to me and to whom I shared everything.

2 months to my exams the sister in charge of the school summoned me to her office very early in the morning, I left the hostel to her office. Whatever I was told never caught me unaware as all through I expected so, though it was painful, what could I have done?
By mid morning I was preparing to go home to nurse my mother who was critically ill and bedridden for some days and try to see her recover or feel better. I left the school and by 2pm I was home. Upon seeing my mother, I could not believe nor comprehend how it had happened. For how long has she been sick? Why did she not tell me that she was under medication all through? Did she inform all those 'uncles' she always said about? ......
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