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The camp of lessons
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The camp of lessons
Camps we're considered a traveling experience in which the young could go into the wild and experience nature and self-reliance. In many cases, such events taught the youth how to appreciate natural resources and take great care of our society. But more often it made children realize how much we loved city dwellings.
My favorite camp place during my teenage years. If we were near the city we had an adequate supply of amenities but choose to have a camp in which we were not supervised by elders. Our main agenda was to prove that we were young adults who were capable of self-reliance. As the camp happened our parents gave us the liberty to camp but with one rule. You will be checked on each day to ensure no injuries or illness goes unnoticed. With a time of 20 16-18 years old. We all packed and took ourselves to a campsite situated just outside Nairobi. as we arrived at the site we settled in and checked the tents and cooking apparatus. We felt that we were ready. As the adults tried to advise we asked them to trust us. We were capable.
The adults left and we began our three-day camping adventure. We set up our campsites the ladies in one ten while the boys I. The other. as we split duties on things was clear whichever team cooked the other would. have to clean. Our agreements were well set and we began our camp. The first day went without hitch. We made our rice with meat stew and eat happily. Since we were all so tired we advanced to our beds quite early. The next morning we are breakfasted as ladies while the men cleaned. We then went out to have a nice boat ride. As we got back the man prepared lunch. This time they prepared ugali and cabbage. Although messy, we all managed a bite and went out to look at the caves and waterfalls on the c
campsite. Our first day was uneventful and got along just fine. For supper, we served the leftovers and enjoyed snacks for the night. That night also went well. We were now on the last day. We woke up and prepare our breakfast then made a plan for lunch. The men choose to cook lunch the ladies would make the final meal. We agreed and decided to make the best of our final day. We, therefore, decided to have a ladies' photoshoot and left the men to their own mean little did we know of the impending disaster. They the made decision that the camp would not end without a meal of nyama choma. As the day went by we become more suspicious of their absence but chose to enjoy ourselves. So later in the day, we went back to the campsite. Looking over at the site we could see meat. We happily went straight to the grills ready to eat. Then we were called to the three-stone kitchen. On arrival we saw the first ugali cooked using chaotic flour it was a giant sufuria of dough stuck to cooking stick. The had added 3 bags of 2kg exe flour to make ugali. We were shocked and the same time entertained. To solve the dilemma we were forces to add maize flour into the mixture.
That was the last camp I ever attended.
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