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The abnegated
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The abnegated
It's a long story, story of tears, happiness, sorrow, setbacks, misfortunes, rejection and discouragement. Ooh! It was hard, extremely tough living in such a hostile environment with the only person who she thought could encourage her but was always there to abash her infront of everyone including her tutors.

Who could have told her that all this was in preparation of a good tomorrow? Who could have supported her in times of painful cry until she was almost committing suicide? No one other than the only strong woman beside her, or let us call her an icon of inspiration or else a blessing in her life.

The power of a woman, and the success that surrounds mother's love is now evident. When she was transiting from childhood to adulthood she was there for her, encouraging and supporting both financially and emotionally as she understood the process better. Upon reaching high school all went wrong and nothing she did made her Dad happy, at school he was always there pushing teachers to punish and to keep an eye on her as he believed he had the worst criminal in the house.
This affected her psychologically and emotionally until she became silent, totally 'dumb' except to her mother who cared alot more. After doing her highschool final exam, she didn't pass and this made her father more furious to an extent of sending her out of his house, but in whose hands does the future of a person belong except in the hands of God? For yesterday is not today and today is not tomorrow, we are gathered together celebrating her in the gown and the degree on her head, being the most learned in the family. Ooh! what a blessing. We can try to show happiness but her mother's is more evident, not a cry of pain anymore but a cry of joy. Finally the rejected stone became the cornerstone.
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