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Period Poverty
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Period Poverty
Period poverty is where women or young girls are not able to access sanitary towels due to a lack of funds and misinformation about their biological awareness. Due to menstrual poverty young girls from underserved communities fail to go to school which creates a big negative impact when it comes to the growth of women.

What are the main causes?
In some countries and cultures, menstruating women are considered impure which causes them to be banished from accessing some basic services. Women are forced to sleep outside their premises through the time they are on their menses.

# Myths and misconceptions

myths and misconceptions are deeply rooted in our culture where people still uphold that being on your menstrual cycle is being unclean.

The negative impact of period poverty on girls.

# Engaging in sexual activities in order to get money to buy pads.

# This kind of situation can cause self-esteem.

# early marriage as a result of early pregnancies.

# High numbers of girls who drop out of school.

Ways to Stop Period Poverty.

# Government supporting women from underserved parts of the country.

# Making sanitary pads free and accessible to every woman at their disposal.

# Educate girls on the importance of menstruation and how to handle themselves.

# Create non-governmental organizations that support and fight for girls’ rights.

# Normalize menstruation and bun all the taboos associated with periods.

# Schools to adopt the tendency of ensuring that every girl and after menses.

What role are you playing in fighting period poverty?
“Meeting the hygiene needs of all adolescent girls is a fundamental issue of human rights, dignity, and public health”.
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