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Our health is our wealth
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Our health is our wealth
The last one and a half years has been a constant health scare after another. There have been cases of people been avoid just for sneezing. Hospitals have turned into ghost towns all in the fear one may contract COVID-19 if they visited a hospital. This year has made people more aware of healthy living. This year has had reduced cases of death from diseases such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery. Just by the change in washing out hands.

Although this change is positive one major worry is most people have also lapsed in self-care due to fear. Many with existing conditions have failed to go to a hospital for follow-up due to fear leading to inadequate treatment plans.

This has been the main negative in the Covid era. But one major thing we all have to remember being able to recognize that our bodies are vulnerable makes us more aware of our lives. It is only easy to say our health is our wealth, but if we choose to ignore our health we may be forced to pay to regain it.

Remember to find time to have a check-up. It is not about being worried that you are sick but knowing that your body is functioning effectively. Eat healthily, drink enough water, and have a simple exercise routine that can help your body. It is not wasteful to forget. a medical checkup is a chance to help yourself live a healthy life.
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