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No matter how far the river is, I must return home with water.
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No matter how far the river is, I must return home with water.
It's a long story.
But a voice of a story not told.
To me is a story of anguish, uneasiness or let's call it torment. It is a one year experience which makes me feel like it was eternity, that makes me curse the day I was born and just like Job in the bible said, may that day never see light.

I chose to remain silent, since whatever that happened, happened in the eyes of everyone but no one ever cared.
Is it because I don't have someone to call my mother or is it because I was brought up like an outcast in my own community?
Anyway I have no one to blame for the physical and psychological damage that was made in my life, but for sure, I forgave but I'll never forget.

After about ten years of silence, I can't hold this anymore, let me put it down in lines for I really can't do this in words. How can I open my mouth and explain that my own biological father took advantage of me for a whole year pretending to be coaching me at home?
How can I sit and narrate such a story to anyone without breaking down? Maybe only to my mother if only she can rise again from the graves. May she rest in peace.

I was in class eight second term when I was doing my final touches in preparation for my final exam when I shifted from my uncle's home to my father's place who was a teacher and who I believed could coach me in several subjects prior to my exams. It all started well, we became more than friends, and I was proud to call it a therapeutic relationship.
After about two months he said it was better for me to move in with him in his room so that we could study till late at night to cover some hours that were lost during the day.
As an innocent child, I moved all my belongings there and everything to me was fine, very fine until one day he decided to implement his plans, sorry to say this but it's time I pour out all the hard feelings I carry in my heart and maybe I will heal.

I don't know how to put this, but he decided to sodomise me. With a lot of warning and death threats I was warned never to say this to anyone. That's how my life changed, I became my father's sex object despite of how young I was. He could do this to me everyday after school.

I became depressed, indisposed to talk, physically ill and emotionally tortured. My class teacher noticed the transformation but never bothered much neither could I talk due to the pressure of threats I was receiving. My life totally changed and turned otherwise.

Though after that one year in hell, I passed my exam. I was sponsored to a far away school where I never again went home.

I can't explain explain everything in this story, but soon when I'll be writing my story, I'll give it four chapters.

But despite of the pain and the distance of the river, I must return home with water. Its only a matter of time.
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