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Let's Get Squdy, It Is What It Is.
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Have you watched the squid game? It’s a badass eye-opener.

The scary scenes, the sweating, the fear, and the suspicion all sum up in our daily life. The series reminds us of so many things we take for granted, and it hits differently being reminded I am in for the squid.

And guess what! We’ve been in this game long before we were even born, and the pattern is the same till we breathe our last.

Survival Is for The Fittest

In school, we learn about survival for the fittest that only the strong survive by being canning, feasting on the weak, or any other way.

They intentionally never say we apply that aspect in almost everything, from the relationship to the school itself.

Do you doubt me? Fine.

I bet you scrambled for toys. Guess who won? The most favored by your parent won.

What of school.? How did the brilliant student score everything, and they always didn’t know anything when you asked them?

The pattern is the same in a romantic relationship; if you can’t withstand it, swerve to the left and create room for the strong one.

In short, it’s either you give up, get outwitted, or win, but you have to sweat in all that.

Life Is A Coin.

Life is a coin. You either spend it wisely or lose it, and a hopeless situation has two options: you either quit or go on.

Have faith in something.

Life presents crazy episodes, and everyone goes through something. But, whatever happens, strive to win.

In the squid game, contestants clinched a glimpse of hope that they were winning and coming out of that death trap arena alive and the super-rich. all they had in common was a cocktail of desperation, fear, and hope

Family Comes First.

At some point, your wildest dream will mean nothing if you have none to celebrate with them. So learn to balance and take care of your family because money is nothing without your loved ones.

Betrayal Is Real so learn to trust your instincts.

Money can turn anyone into an enemy, and people will go to whatever length to remain alive, and they won’t think twice about betraying you if it means saving their skin.

When life gets tough, get going.

Life presents us with so many delicate bridges that we must cross in our quest for success. That was obvious when the contestants crossed a bridge made of glass panels with zero ideas that would have supported their weight or shattered.

Don’t Rush, Think First.

At first, tracing the embossed shape candy was challenging since the contestants tensed, but afterward, they learned that licking the back helps release the shape.

In every difficult situation, there is a way out. Compose yourself. You will be shocked at how easy it is.

The rich are cunning.

Number one could have just opted to help those participants without putting them through such danger, but he created even a more hopeless situation for them

2022 is here. Make an intelligent choice. Don’t allow the rich to abuse your morals by buying your vote. Vote wisely. Remember, your vote counts.
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