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keeping swift, fit, and healthy during lock down
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keeping swift, fit, and healthy during lock down
Social distancing and lock down are crucial measures to minimize the spread of Covid-19. So many countries if not all are using them which means individuals are mostly indoors. But what impact will these measures have in terms of health and well being?

Being dormant is one way of keeping your body inactive. Your body need to stay active in order to function normally, keeping active is a great way to ward off some of the psychological issues associated with being cooped up for a long time. This helps you lower stress hormones which may lead to depression and other undesirable conditions.
First, you need to engage your body in some physical exercise. Continue with your workout routine even though this time round not from the gym. Exercising from home is a little affordable as you do not need to pay gym trainers or unnecessary equipment to help you workout. Engaging yourself in regular walks, jogging in the morning and in the evening is a great way of keeping healthy and swift.
For those who are privileged to own some things like a bike, can do cycling around the park or the homestead, rope-skipping is also a way of keeping your body active, it requires less of your energy but burns a lot of calories. Walk up and down your stairs doing some cleaning instead of sitting down. Try dancing even with children to make it more interesting and lively. By doing this, you will really contribute to your daily exercise.
Alternatively, you can use You-Tube as a source of workout ideas,watch videos of your favorite star working out and work them out as well. Fitness and Yoga tutorials may also help a lot. Squats, press-ups and sit-ups are great and easier for those who are not used to gym and lifting of heavy equipment.

Healthy feeding habits; Eating unhealthy food will put your body at a risk of being vulnerable to diseases. Eating healthy should be one of your goals.
Make sure you have a balanced diet, eat a variety of vegetables, fruits,whole grain products, items high on fiber and cereals. This will boost your immune system which helps in fighting diseases.
Drink fat-free or low fat drinks e.g. milk. Lower the intake of high fat dairy products in order to reduce excess fat and sugar in your body. Restrict or eliminate junk food that contains refined white flour, solid fats and added sugar, Sodas and other added sugar drinks containing high calories. This will keep you on a safer side and free from diseases like diabetes and obesity.
Water is a constituent of a healthy body. So, it is advisable to drink a lot of water per day and warm if possible. Water prevents some issues like headache and stomach problems.
Through this time of uncertainty and doubt,something we can do is take control of our health and well being measures. whatever the situation , keep active, workout, eat healthy and stay hydrated.
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