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In the climate of hope, together let's overcome HIV\AIDS
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In the climate of hope, together let
My name is Rufus born in the village of Rikii in Nanyuki kenya. Since I was born I had had a healthy life full of peace and all it takes to be called nice and peaceful.

Last year things changed, I dont know how to put it but how can I get the courage to say I was diagnosed of HIV\AIDS.

It was one night after work, I took my supper, had a bath and went to bed after a word of prayer as usual. At around 1am at night I started experiencing night sweats, headache, fevers, sore throat and some episodes of vomiting. I took some painkillers and slept after coming down.

The following morning I had some episodes of loose stool but since I am nurse I decided to prescribe myself some antidiarrhoeas which helped and went to work feeling weak but abit relaxed.

At work that's when everything worsened and I started having severe joint pains and chills. Definitely I was not myself. I took it as my initiative to go see my doctor in the same facility I was working in. She sent me for a blood test in the laboratory so as to rule out whatever diagnosis she had in her head.

After one hour results were out and instead of going back to her room, I was taken for counselling first and later the bad news were broken to me. Blood tests had shown that I was having HIV\AIDS.
I really was not so sure and still couldn't comprehend the whole thing. Where did I contract it from? Didn't I try living a better life and not a promiscuous one? Didn't I try to protect myself against infections as I was attending my patients in the wards?
For sure this was a dilemma.
How am I going to look at people right in their eyes and explain to them that I really don't know where I got it from?
How was I to approach my girlfriend and tell her about this?

The only option left is to leave, leave never to come back.
Sorry for the decision am to take.
If u meet my Dad, tell him am greatful for giving me a chance to be a medic but it messed my life terribly.
This was the WhatsApp message I received from my brother who we later found dead in his house after he was diagnosed of AIDS.
Why can't we together with the government try to do something about creating awareness about this disease and reduce these premature deaths of young people.
In our hospital facilities employers should know how to come up with ways to protect their employees against these deadly infections.
For sure,
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