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In A Dilemma
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In A Dilemma
There is this lady, it happened that on the first day of meeting her during our annual campings, I fell in love with her, definitely I gained courage to approach her but after telling her my intentions she declined my proposal and I withdrew myself, after all I could not push any more or force things to be.
She claimed she had lost alot in life all in the name of love and had been heartbroken severally and severely.

It turned out that I never brought up the topic again and life just continued as usual. That didn't break the friendship and I appreciated to have her close so as she could see my progress. Time moved, and it came a day where she approached me for what she denied me. Just because of mercy and still I was not dating I embraced her and whatever she was willing to give me. I never felt for her but I decided to train myself to, to make myself love her out of my will, as she pushed me to.

It is now nine months still struggling to make it be. Despite of doing everything to and with her it still can not be. I have been taking her to places, to try enjoy together but seemed she enjoyed alone as I felt no affection for her. Maybe I should let go but I fear hurting her as she seems to be so attached to me whereas am very far from this.
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