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This is my story, my love story. The best story that will take some chapters of my book some years to come. I will have to give this girl the largest part of it as I have already given her the largest part of my heart.
I can not really tell how this came to be, as I was already dating but that seemed not to matter much as the saying says 'out of sight out of mind'.

Life in college seemed sweeter and enjoyable or let us say living a life without parents supervision, that made all the difference. I never believed I could win any lady in a state of brokeness as I was already living more so in higher institutions. Fortunately, I met this lady who attracted my attention, affection and eyes that I could not concentrate when we had to be together for common units.
After some weeks of persevering rejection and still pressuring through her heart trying to win her love as the competion was high, I finally won, not that I had all it takes, only by the grace and all others she can tell better.

Despite of how good, lovely, cool, beautiful and attractive, she had only one character that made me feel pissed off. How could I make her change? How could I make her stop taking alcohol? Maybe by loving her, and requesting her to change would make a difference. Reflecting back to her background about how 'her favourite ' had ruined her family still had some weight on this decision making of change. All I believed in my heart out of unconditional love I had for her is that I would definitely make her life take another turn to a better one. Maybe the day we will be taking the oath of love and saying our vows of marriage life she will be totally a changed person, a saved soul ready to walk beside me on this path of love till death do us apart.......
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