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Having a brother, is such a blessing.
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Having a brother, is such a blessing.
Being his real brother, I could feel I live in his shadows. Honestly I can't tell how people can go through life without a big brother.

This one is for him, my shepherd, my protector, my mentor and my defense when I was defenseless. Maybe many can't explain or understand the real meaning of being born together but for me I got the privilege.

There no other love like the love for a brother, neither is there love like the love of a real blood brother. Am sure he never got bored when the pesky me annoyed him out of my wits.

All he had for me were the hugs of consolation when I felt low, cracking jokes that knew no jokes. Pranks that ended up in laughter and some acts together that ended in punishments from our wonderful mother.

This never ended until I joined form one in the same school he studied from. As usual "monorization" was the order of the day. What if I say my first year was just a nice story to tell because no one had the right to raise his hand on me. He was always there by my side for my comfortablity.

If only I was given a pencil to write my blessings down, I know for him I could ask for ink to make sure not even a single day it will come to be rubbed.

Maybe writing this isn't enough for him but after some years from now, he will have a whole chapter in my book as he made up to it that our childhood memories in future, were all well relished.
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