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Gone Too Soon
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Gone Too Soon
One morning, I lost what I valued most in life, I lost the most precious gift that I was given since birth, in my childhood and a bit of my teen age. She was all I had, she was a better part of me, not just a twin sister, not just a friend, but my better half.

After a short weekend full of happiness, having spent it with our Dad in giraffe manor the previous day, it was on a monday and we had to get ready for the classes. This monday very awful, the weather was not favouring as a lot of mist was covering everywhere. It was a windy cold morning but still we had to leave for school because when it comes to the matter of education, he was a no nonsense man, I mean my Dad.

As usual the taxi driver was hooting out there waiting for us as it was getting late, when I was about to step outside the main door I slipped and landed on the flower pot which broke into pieces. Alice took my hand and raised me up, though my clothes stained, I had no time to change, what a bad day!
I really can't tell what happened but I later found myself on a hospital bed, badly injured. When I opened my eyes, I spread my hand to reach my sister's hand but all in vain. I shouted her name out. My mother was around and all I could see were tears all over. I requested to see Alice but how could they tell me she was gone, gone forever not to see her again, in my situation?...........
As much as I can try to forgive and forget, it still haunts me and it will never dawn a day that I'll forgive our roads. They took my best.
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