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Easy and Simple Ways To Power Up Your Memory
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Easy and Simple Ways To Power Up Your Memory
Do you occasional experience memory lapse e,g forgetting a new friend’s name or misplacing house or car keys ? If the answer is yes , you must be wondering if or how you can increase your memory power. Guess what, worry no more, this article will guide you on how you can actually power up your memory from being foggy to a near-perfect one in an effortless and concise time. But 1st let's look at the major causes of memory loss.


Memory loss can be brought on by several things, including heredity, aging, and brain-related illnesses.

Diet and lifestyle choices are also manageable risk factors for memory loss.

How to Curb Memory Loss.

Even though you cannot completely prevent all memory loss, there are ways you can control your brain from deteriorating as you age.

Techniques to help you improve your memory

Regularly socializing

Social interaction helps to prevent depression and stress, which can both contribute to memory loss.

It's advisable you connect with loved ones, friends, and others, especially if you are living alone.

Training your brain/mental training.

Just like any other muscles, the brain requires regular challenge to stay healthy.

Mental workouts are just as important as other factors for gray matter, and challenging the mind helps it to grow and expand, which may improve memory.

Engaging in activities such as crossword puzzles and chess are among the ways of training your brain.


Mindfulness Meditation may aid in memory enhancement. Meditation improves brain function, reduces brain degeneration markers, and improves working and long-term memory.

Making meditation, a habit, may result in long-term changes in the brain, such as increased brain plasticity, which helps keep it healthy.

Reduce Sugar Consumption

Sugary foods may initially taste delicious and feel rewarding, but they may contribute to memory loss.

Drinking too many sugary drinks, including fruit juice, may be linked to a decrease in total brain volume, an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

Avoiding added sugar may help mitigate this risk. While naturally sweet foods like fruits are an excellent addition to a healthy diet, people should avoid sugary drinks and foods with added, processed sugars.

Get adequate sleep.

Sleep is essential for consolidating memories so that you can recall them later.

Prioritize getting adequate sleep. Adults typically require seven to nine hours of sleep every day.


Many memory-improvement techniques can benefit a person’s overall health and well-being. For example, practicing mindfulness meditation may reduce forgetfulness and stress.

Even incorporating one or two memory-enhancing practices into a person’s daily routine can help them keep their brain healthy and prevent memory loss.
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