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Christmas things
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Christmas things
Just like any other other child who always feels good in the hands of the mother, I had to visit home, not only for the end year celebrations but also to have my family go visit their grandma and grandpa after a long time.
Though stressful along the way as every citizen was on his /her way home, traffic jam everywhere, ululations in accidents scenes that kept disturbing and the heavy rain we still managed to reach home. As our culture pronounces, you have to do some shopping for the family, snacks for the children, sodas and the big Nairobi bread that acts as a true indication and an evidence that you came from nairobi after a long time. We had our stopovers for the shopping and later on continued. The little children could enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, the cool air away from the polluted city environment.

Upon reaching home I felt a difference, I felt the right of belonging, what a wonderful warm welcome from my parents who were now growing old and not like the last time we met, anyway away from that, a lot was prepared and everyone could tell truly the last born was home. After some days of stay, feeling good, going to the shamba, overnight stories with the whole family, childhood memories and children interaction with everything and everybody we had to go back as the visit was over and back to the tight schedule af work and school to the little schoolers.
Truly, with no point of contradiction, charity begins at home.
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