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Can eating late lead to obesity
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Can eating late lead to obesity
Obesity is the body being overweight which is above an ideal range. This has often been blamed on eating habits. Therefore can eating late at night be blamed for increased weight?
Late-night eating has been identified as a cause of obesity with the reason that eating late and sleeping stops the body from digesting food effectively.
It is often associated with the storage of fats.
Researchers believe that eating early in the day often helps in the breakdown of more calories compared to night.
Although this eating late at night is not advisable it cannot be solely responsible for obesity. The idea that eating late may lead to an increase in weight can be associated with a lack of activity compared to eating during the day.
It is therefore not an accurate statement to blame late-night eating for an increase in weight but for the type of diet an individual eats.
Remember nutrition and adequate portion of food play a major role in maintaining effective weight.
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