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Mike was born and brought up in a middle class family. They lived happily but when he was thirteen years old, life took a different turn. His parents started fighting and quarreling everyday. At the end both could not contain or tolerate each other so they decided to part. His mother was never seen again. She escaped from that town. As a result of the divorce, his education got ruined and as the first born he dropped out of school to take care of his younger siblings. By this time their dad had turned into a drunked. Changing women like clothes was the order of the day. He never bothered of his children anymore. Mike decided to look for a job and he was lucky to get a job in of the stores around his home. Work in the store was very tough for him because he was paid only one hundred shillings per day. That was not enough for himself and his siblings so he quited the job and became a street boy. He got involved into drugs which needed money for him to get them. So he became a petty thief. He started snatching handbags and wallets from innocent people. He escaped being caught several times until one day, when luck got tired of being on his side, he snatched a bag from a lady who screamed and attracted people's attention. Mike ran for his life but unfortunately, he was caught. He was given a merciless lifetime beating that made him to faint.
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