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Before the curtains comes down
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Before the curtains comes down
Material things can be lost and later found, but there are two things that when lost can never be found. That is, the value of life which leads to loss of life itself.
Not until you land on the hospital bed, trolley or on the operating table that you understand the real meaning of life and then you remember you have a deficit in the book of life and that is the chapter of healthy life.

How I wish one can live at peace with everyone, live in love, care, cherish and treasure the lives of the family, spouse, workmates and friends. Live with them peacefully as if there is no tomorrow.
Moreover, love, care and treat yourself good as no one, more so in this generation will ever be there maybe to miss the first tear drop, see the second one, hold the third one and stop the fourth one from dropping as everyone is soo busy chasing their own destiny.
They all watch and say..."Not my monkey's neither my forest "

It comes a time in life when you realize that when you have your mates, oldfriends, brothers, sisters who you laugh with, smile with, chat with and hike with, this is the true happiness. For which man can satisfy himself without the presence of others?

Finally, if you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far, walk with other people.
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