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Are we Doomed? Harsh Fate of Human Health in a Changing Climate.
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Are we Doomed? Harsh Fate of Human Health in a Changing Climate.
Look Around! Do you see the effects of climate change? I bet you do. They are becoming more pronounced and alarming.

But wait, one effect must have missed your radar: Health.

Did you know over 250,000 people die yearly because of climate-related crises, and the figure will double up by 2050.?

Climate change is any change in climate that lasts for decades or longer. This article will help you understand its full breadth and how to minimize its effect.

Effect of Climate Change on Health.

As climate change speeds up, so will its impacts on our health. Outbreaks are becoming more common and dangerous, and experts insist the world must limit temperature rise to 1.5°C, which is not safe.

Increases Body Mass Index.

As the Earth warms, so do the bodies of its inhabitants, meaning an increase in body mass index (BMI) for everyone.

More Complication for Chronicle Patience.

Experts predict that people with chronic illnesses such as asthma and diabetes will be susceptible to severe complications by 2100 if we don’t act now.

Vulnerable to natural disasters leading to casualties and deaths.

The weather is becoming unpredictable and less favorable for humans, making people more vulnerable to natural disasters.


A prolonged period of abnormal sizzling temperature can affect vulnerable populations such as the elderly and the sick, as seen in 2003 when 35,000 died in Europe. In addition, because of dehydration, prolonged heat exposure can lead to chronic kidney disease (CKD) epidemics.

Heatstroke Caused by Heatwaves.

Heatwaves occur when the body cannot effectively cool itself because of high humidity, leading to heatstroke.

Affects Mental Health.

Mental health refers to our emotional and psychological well-being. Climate change will unlock many hardships and crop diseases, leading to mental problems such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

7 Easy Tips To Reduce Carbon Footprint Without Even Trying.

Statistics show we are on the verge of losing the battle, but the good news is you can effortlessly save humanity.

Plant More Trees

Did you know an average-sized tree produces enough oxygen to last a year for a family of four.? nature-based solutions contribute up to 37% of the required carbon emissions to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Reduce livestock farming.

Livestock farming contributes to 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Maintain Population.

A population bulge contributes to a dangerous increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Turn Off Lights and Use Energy Saving Bulb.

Turning off the lights saves energy, while an energy-saving bulb prevents 16 billion tons of carbon from being added to the atmosphere over the next 25 years.


The planet is getting warmer, and the consequences are alarming: deadly heatwaves, more extreme storms, rising sea levels, among other devastating effects. It’s a fact climate change will harm health, and you can’t stop it, but your actions can help slow it down.
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