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An Introduction To Not Only SQL or NOSQL Database Systems
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An Introduction To Not Only SQL or NOSQL Database Systems
If you have been a Database Architect or Database Administrator long enough, you are aware of the great comfort that comes with relational database management systems, rocking those CRUD operations in Postgres, MySQl among others is just fun. They are great especially in storing and retrieving data that’s modeled in tabular form. However, many applications that manage large amounts of data need systems other than traditional relational SQL systems to augment their data management needs, this concept itself is the origin of NOSQL and is interpreted as NOT only SQL rather than NO to SQL. These applications manage large amounts of data such as social media, web links, user profiles, marketing and sales, posts and tweets, road maps and spatial data and e-mail among others.

In case you are considering to build one of those big data systems on a NOSQL database system, MongoDB is a great place to start. Some simple CRUD operations to get you psyched up;

db.nosql_hello_world.insertOne( { first_text: "Hello World!", text_id: "101"} )

db.nosql_hello_world.find( {} )

db.nosql_hello_world.updateOne( { text_id: "101" }, { $set: { "first_text":"Hello Back!"}, $currentDate: { lastModified: true } } )

db.nosql_hello_world.deleteOne({text_id: "101"})

Ready to go big? check this out: https://docs.mongodb.com/manual/tutorial/install-mongodb-on-os-x/
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