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Data is King, Algorithm is the Queen.
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Data is King, Algorithm is the Queen.
Before we crown them, consider the two scenarios below;

Scenario One: Promo Content by Anyone.

All those promo emails in your inbox, there is a method that was used to tailor them and send them to you. If the content was not convincing enough, then the method probably was just to send everyone the same email.

# As per wikipedia, an algorithm "is a finite sequence of well-defined instructions, typically used to solve a class of specific problems or to perform a computation.". In relation to data algorithms, let’s nickname it the queen :).

Scenario Two: Promo Content by the Queen.

There are suppliers who send you promo messages right when you need them. As for me, I usually get some to do with cereals once in a while, how can they not when they already know I take cereals for breakfast and I restock monthly. As expected, they have not sent a promo text on clothes, perhaps because I rarely shop for clothes, not after like 3 years :).

Maybe their queen will pull this post and come up with a clothes package that I cannot deny, that is if she finds out when I last bought clothes. The data(king) is out here, all she has to do is crunch it(him) and figure exactly when and what I need, then convince me from where.

If your company is still using scenario one, it is time to contact one of those data scientists, they will crown your queen, personalise your messages and make your audience fall in love with your promo messages.

Hail to the queen, just don’t ask her how she figured you out, sometimes knowing something is as important as not saying how.
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