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How to confirm authenticity of the academic credentials in kenya
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How to confirm authenticity of the academic credentials in kenya
What are academic credentials?
These are educational qualifications eg diplomas or degrees that one have completed or partially completed that acts as a proof that the person named satisfied the board of examiners after completion of the course he or she was taking. Therefore ready for any employment for practice.
The problem of fake certificates has become a global challenge where everyone wants to prove how learned he or she is.

In our ICT industry, people are so learned that they are capable of producing the same look alike of a certain document that looks real. But who are we to blame except ourselves for allowing corruption rule us both body and mind?

Getting an employment has also become the headache of the nation and the root cause of all these as a lot of people are learned but there are no job opportunities. The little vacancies there is, are only given to those people who know people in that particular place whereas the same people are not learned and the only option left is to forge documents for acceptance. After all it's a collaboration with the head of managers of the company in context.

Poverty is another contribution of these ill acts being performed "under the water". To eradicate poverty in a certain home, after all trials and errors of securing a place in the right way, youths are forced to get false academic certificates to prove themselves legible for the post.

Employers have become very busy in business that they no longer have time to confirm the authenticity of academic credentials being handed over during interviews, and that's when they come to know that the person who have been bringing their company down to no profits and poor goods production was a village illiterate peasant who just forged his certificates in the streets.

But how can we help curb this problem?

As an employer always take time to apply for statements of examination results form from the examining body under which your client claim to have sat the exams with. Or else from the institution he studied in, have an original official true copy from the registrar who should then execute an affidavit attesting to the validity of the documents in question.
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