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Am I Depressed or Lazy? How to Tell the Difference
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Am I Depressed or Lazy? How to Tell the Difference
Are you feeling unmotivated to do anything you once liked and now you are cracking your head, figuring “am I depressed or lazy?”

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Just like you, many people are facing the same dilemma. However, I understand your confusion. Sure, some behaviors are the same, but they look very different.

Depression is a psychiatric condition that develops against a person’s will and cannot be cured with effort while laziness is having the ability to perform an activity but opting not to, while depression isn’t an intentional act, but a psychological condition requiring more than self-determination to resolve.

Sadly, depression impacts every part of life, including how you think, feel, and act. It is not only marked by intense, persistent sadness, but it also renders people incapable of experiencing pleasure.

Once depression kicks in, you experience a range of medical issues. You lose interest in activities you once loved and withdraw from friends and relationships, and you can even lose or gain weight without trying.

Signs of Laziness

Lazy people are not scared to go outside and they do not have panic attacks.

Lazy people take showers since dirty is uncomfortable.

Lazy people bond and make friends.

Lazy people don’t complain about hating themselves or their life.

Lazy people get out of bed.

Lazy people enjoy things since they have the capacity for excitement and happiness.

Symptoms of Depression 

Changes in appetite that cause weight gain or loss

Changes in sleeping patterns

Restlessness and loss of interest in once-enjoyable activities

persistent sadness, helplessness, and feeling of emptiness

Blunted emotions and inability to concentrate or decide

feeling irritated and drained of energy

Death-related or suicidal thoughts

Headaches, migraines, or stomach problems


Both depression and laziness issues affect your productivity, motivation, and energy levels.

It could be challenging to make sense of what you are going through.

Take a step back and examine yourself if something seems strange.

Determine your baseline first, or how you are or normal functioning.

Only you are aware of your potential and how you behave when you are in that sweet spot.
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