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Why Some People Are Exploring Open Marriage.
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Why Some People Are Exploring Open Marriage.
Undoubtedly, the world is insane, with things happening in bizarre and inexplicable ways. Even the institution of marriage is not immune to the ever-changing trends and fads.

Open marriage has become the in-thing.

Shocking as it sounds, most young women are so open to this kind of arrangement, and of course, almost all the men would jump at the offer without blinking.

During a chat, a friend was candid and blatant about her lack of interest in settling down as a first wife. That means the lover’s wife could know of her existence, or she could be in the dark.

The funny thing is that this friend’s co-wife knows of her husband’s infidelity, and she is still unmoved. That means she accepted the arrangement.

I got confused and started debating with my inner self. This friend is not the first one to tell me this. Three of my friends had earlier on said the same, and true to their words, two are now the second wife.

In another incident, just the other day, a woman turned to a Facebook page group to express her frustration with her husband’s infidelity.
In her post, she said the husband suggested an open marriage on his side, citing his high sexual demand that he claims she cannot meet nor satisfy.

This realization piqued my interest in learning more about this type of relationship. What makes a couple feel comfortable dating other individuals while still married? And why would their partner be okay with it?

Undoubtedly Open marriages are becoming more and more popular, with about one in five married couples reportedly practicing it.

Though the concept may seem like a recent development, open marriages have existed for centuries.

While a traditional marriage entails two people exclusively committed to each other, an open marriage differs in that the couple agrees to allow an outside sexual activity. That could mean anything from swinging to polyamory.

There are myriad reasons couples might choose to explore this type of arrangement. Some couples may feel like they have hit a wall in their relationship and seek ways to spice things up and add some excitement to their relationship to revive things.

Higher sex drive on one side could also lead to this arrangement.

Others may be dealing with issues like infidelity or lack of trust and believe opening up their marriage may help solve those problems. And finally, some couples may enjoy having sex and emotional relationships with other people without cheating on their partner.

Couples explore open marriage kind of union for many reasons. Some may feel like they have grown apart and are no longer interested in traditional monogamy. Others may think their relationship has lost its spark and want to try something new to reignite the flame. And still, others may be curious about what an open relationship could be. Whatever the reason, it’s crucial for couples interested in opening up their marriage to discuss their motivations and expectations beforehand to avoid confusion in later years
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