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Where To Find True Love
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Where To Find True Love
A few weeks ago, my friend challenged me to write about relationships specifically on where to find true love. For a guy who spends his leisure time reading non romantic novels and watching space content, I must say the research on love has been quite a task.

For where to start, the answers came easy, there are all kinds of events one can attend to connect with potential mates including; church services, weddings, entertainment shows, parties among others. One can as well find a partner through dating apps like Tinder and Badoo. Your love can as well be your schoolmate or workmate, keep your senses open.

I decided to take it further by posing the question to a couple of people, the conclusion from their answers is what got me surprised, it turns out everyone truly gets loved by someone at some point, the issue is it's not being loved that keep you in that person's life it's how you make the person loving you feel that keeps them with you. So, the simple answer is, you want true love, be the true love yourself. People don't stay loyal and in your life because they love you, they stay because of how you make them feel.

When you get loved, may you find it within you the love to keep the love alive... :)
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