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Love, happiness and contentment
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Love, happiness and contentment
No one should ever tell u that things like love and honesty can't cure craziness, coz they really can help.

All you have to do is to let people discover the dark and twisty places inside you, because these are the people who can show you what is real when you cannot see that for yourself. Of which it can really help.

They say humility and contentment is the secret to happiness, but most women end up lacking all this more so after they undergo a lot of struggles with their boyfriends during their youthful years, and with their husbands after marriage.

Not that I am against women, it's just that wickedness has become a good word for describing their deeds, weakness to many and an advantage to about 60% of their population.

Yesterday we were enjoying our prandial just nearby watching couples walk in and out looking happy together with little kids hanging besides appearing so contented with the current situation. But what mesmerized me was the question my fellow men put on the table.

"Do you know according to research, the mortality rate of very young married men is very high compared to that of older married men?"
With that I had to listen carefully not to miss any single word in the responses with reasons that came up. Maybe it could alighten me to discover the "dark and twisty places inside me"

A reason from one of them sounded more sincere and true. That is, after a lot of struggles in poverty in the process of building up, they get a lot of wealth and as usual, the character of a human being is to forget. They forget and all they concentrate in is the pleasure revolving around their wealth and as a result their humanity leaves .
Finally they end up thinking and consulting about the different ways of eliminating the man.

That sounded true and that's why the philosopher Henry David Thoreau born in 1817 in Massachusetts said, "Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it will come softly and sit on your shoulder."
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