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Tony's bitter life
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Tony's mother died when he was 3 months old.He was left with his father who was an accountant. As soon as he was of school age, his father took him to boarding school where he has been since. Even when schools were closed, Tony used to remain in school with the school matron, but unfortunately covid came and his father was forced to go and take him home.

At home, his father was never interested with what his son was doing. He would go, spend even a week without going home. At this time, Tony was all by himself. He used to sleep hungry.

At this time, Tony was 15 years old. He had a friend who used to visit him when his father was not at home. This friend introduced Tony to drugs since he was a bit older than him.

Tony continued using drugs but he used to hide them from his father. One day his father saw the drugs and he became very bitter. He started beating Tony mercilessly. He chased him away with his belongings. So Tony was sleeping on the roads.

After a month, Tony found well wishers who took him to rehabilitation center and later they took him to school. He finished school and became a doctor. He also formed an organization that helps children who have been abandoned by their parents.
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