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It's not you, it's me
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It's not you, it's me is a statement that leads to tears or shock within a relationship. Many times the other party hardly expects the statement to be outlined but as shocking as it is it often stings like a bee. Relationships are hard enough to understand but when clouded by rejection a person faces different challenges and feelings.
Relationships develop through the attraction and ability of two people to choose to know each other and build a connection. As the connection progresses, people get attached and build a routine that is especially associated with them. So, when an individual chooses to walk away or identify that it's not working, the other party may not have realized there may be a problem.
This, therefore, is considered a rejection of a person. By this action, one may feel inadequate and unworthy of love. But sometimes the rejection is a shock that one never imagined.
A couple of years back I have a chance to meet someone for casual dinner after work. It was a nice diner. It was a great dinner great company and later in I went home happy. Now the surprising thing was the next morning. I woke up ready for my day only to receive a strange message. It stated "Hi, hope u slept well, I had a great night but I think this relationship is not working. Don't worry about parting, you are very pretty and you will find a good man. Am so sorry for breaking your heart. Please don't feel it's you, it's me."
First of all, I was shocked. I was never aware that we were in a relationship let alone expect a breakup. And secondly, I was good enough to find a replacement. That itself was the funny rejection that was unexpected and entertaining at the same time. I had not seen any signs of a relationship, let alone expected a breakup. But since I felt entitled to explain, I accepted the breakup as his inability to be there for me.
Remember just because one person felt they were not good enough to be part of your life does not mean you are inadequate, it simply means there are better chances ahead. First love you, love slowly slips into the picture on its own.
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